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Friends, neighbors, friends of friends, and everyone else you know, I need your help!

I am casting a net far and wide to see if anyone has leads on an office that I could use for free or very inexpensively for the pro-bono counselsing sessions that are core to my Interspiritual Counseling training program. I’d need the space for about 1 hour per month over the next four to 8 months.

Why I’m looking:

Last year, I started a certificate program in Interspiritual Counseling. What does that mean? Well, the certificate part means that I get a nice shiny certificate when I graduate in January of 2014. The “Interspiritual Counseling” part is probably what you were asking about that. Interspiritual Counseling, which also goes by Spiritual Direction in many faith communities, is the art and practice of supporting and companioning another person as they get in touch with their own spirituality, and use this spiritual perspective to deal with life issues in a constructive way.  Spirituality is believing in a source greater than yourself, called by whatever name you feel comfortable with: God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universe, etc.

When a person feels disconnected from their spiritual self, interspiritual counseling helps build a bridge between the separated self and the Divine Self.

I am now in my second semester, and am in need of an office space that I can use for the pro-bono counseling sessions that are a core part of the coursework.

What I’m looking for:

Nothing fancy! I need a small, cozy office with two chairs and a small table that has sufficient “acoustic privacy” that while in session, we won’t be disturbed by noise from others in the space, nor will we disturb others either.

Location isn’t terribly important, St. Paul or Minneapolis is fine, though in my fantasy life, it would be somewhere convenient to both.

If this rings any bells for you, please let me know, and if you’re curious about spiritual counseling, perhaps for yourself, let me know that too. I will happily trade successful referrals or space for free counseling sessions after I graduate.

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