Through our coaching sessions, Arif helped to clear my thinking—he was very good at pulling out for me what he was hearing, rather than giving me his opinion of what I was saying.  He asked challenging and astute questions, helped to cut details that weren’t relevant, and would remember and bring back information from other conversations that tied into what I was saying. Arif  also brings a serene spirit to coaching.  There was a quiet to our conversations and I felt the value of taking a breath, of making time for myself and bringing balance to a  generally hectic schedule.  He’s kind and smart and lives his beliefs, a great model for a coach!

~ Leader of a national civil rights organization

Arif Mamdani was a coach for me during Rockwood Leadership Institute’s yearlong National Leading from the Inside Out Fellowship.  Arif and I were assigned partners during the first third of the program, yet voluntarily continued to work together during the rest of the program as well as after its conclusion.  Arif’s gift is presence.  As a coach, Arif is as focused, sincere and engaged as anyone I have worked with.  I recommend his practice completely and without a single reservation.

~ Leader of a national civic engagement organization

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