writer’s block

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2013 at 10:28 pm


nearly every night that I’m in town, I tell my daughters a bed time story that I make up, on the fly.

The stories are almost always silly, funny, gross – appealing to 4 and 9 year old humor, and rarely have any hidden, underlying, socially redeeming message. As a father, I think it’s important that I do my fatherly duty and teach my girls about things that are silly, funny, gross, and utterly without any redeeming quality other than their amusement value. Slapstick must be learned! Early!

Tonight, 1,500 some miles from home, I’m trying to channel that gestalt to write a story that my wife can read to them. The fact that my wife will be reading it opens up grand new vistas for tomfoolery (sorry in advance C) but I fear the wealth of possibilities may be impeding my “flow.”

In other words, I have writers block!