why I call it the cliche

In Uncategorized on January 13, 2012 at 2:23 am

tonight, coming out of soccer, we were walking toward our car, and my older daughter said “which Prius is ours?”

I looked, and yet again, there were 3, perhaps 4 Prii parked in close proximity to each other.

In my experience, this does not happen in St Paul with other kinds of cars. In fact, the multiple Prii in close proximity thing happens so often here that I scarecly notice it anymore. The only other place in the country where I’ve experienced this is San Francisco.

There are times when one so painfully fits the stereotype of the demographic that one, in this case me, just has to laugh, and this is exactly why I’ve nicknamed our Prius “The Cliche.”

perhaps our next car will be a tricked out muscle car, in minivan form.

  1. when you get that tricked out muscle car-minivan, maybe you can drive alongside my dream mobile which i think is the exact converse: a Range Rover Hybrid (Firenze Red, please)

  2. Glad to see we’re thinking along conceptually similar lines! I strongly suspect the hybrid Range Rover is a bit more likely to happen than the muscle car-minivan, especially since I believe that was already tried under the Hummer and H3 brands.

  3. muscle car + mini-wheels, NM steelo.

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