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In Uncategorized on November 26, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Today, as we enter the last week of November, I’ve more than once caught my thoughts drifting to writers. You see, I know a great many people who noodle around the idea that they’d like to write a novel someday. A great many who sometimes say that they write.

Then, there are the several thousand truly crazy ones (crazy said with deep, deep love) who actually sign-up for National Novel Writing Month and spend their November really and truly writing a novel.

Wild, right?

I think about writing a novel in much the same way as I think about bowling a “perfect” game. Now, I should note that I haven’t done either, but having come much closer to bowling a perfect game than to writing a novel, which is to say, having bowled, at all, here’s my take on it:

Each of us has at least one novel in us, just as we each have a perfect bowling game in us. The catch? You need to actually be bowling at the time your perfect game appears in you.

So to the writers who’ve showed up every day for the past 26 days, and for whom Friday will be a day of great rejoicing, I hope that your novel showed up for you, showing up for it.

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