the best Thunderbird extension you’re not using

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2010 at 8:40 pm

it is, hands down, the extension known as "Nostalgy" which is basically a keyboard shortcut swiss army knife.

If you know me, you know that I LOVE keyboard shortcuts, and it's the first thing that I look for when I choose any computer application.  I'm borderline on having physical issues due to mousing, so anything that saves my arm from moving the mouse is a big win for me.

Nostalgy is pretty much the best shotcut tool that I've seen for email, and with it and the method of filing everything into three folders (Archive, Follow-up, and Hold) and letting search take care of the rest, I've dramatically sped up my email work flow.

My favorite bit about Nostalgy though is that it scans your email folder tree (I've got a bunch for fundraising and operations related stuff), and with a simple "s" and typing the first few letters of the folder, it will grab that folder and offer to save/copy/whatever for the message I've selected.

Give Thunderbird + Nostalgy a try, I think you'll be pleased.

Now if they could just the lightning calendar to work with Zimbra, I'd be happy as a clam