Something like Campfire? (for chat) Anyone? Beuller?

In Uncategorized on May 7, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Putting out a little call for suggestions for a secure chat tool like Campfire, but one that we can host ourselves. 

What I want:

  1. browser based
  2. cross platform
  3. secure
  4. searchable/saved transcripts (that might be a & not a /)
  5. open source
  6. Hostable via standard LAMP stack, though we might consider a Ruby on Rails deal if the product was reasonably mature

Why I want this:

  • we’ve got a distributed team, and a) have too darn many different chat things open/operating and b) I want to be sure that we can keep our info reasonably secure and c) be able to go back to chats as a reference for what was said/discussed/etc.
  • I want us to host it because after NING, and recent issues with gmail being slow/unresponsive, etc I don’t think it’s wise to trust our critical infrastructure to things that we don’t control

Love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!