Some feedback on this recipe please: celery risotto

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2010 at 1:03 am

Does this sound right?  I've found vague mentions of a recipe, but nothing concrete, but here's what I'm thinking – I'd love some feedback as to whether this sounds about right or not:

  1. Sauté garlic, shallots (onion in my case) till they get a bit of color.  Ideally, sauté them in butter
  2. Add in celery, and maybe fennel if we have some from the CSA.  sauté till they get translucent-ish
  3. Deglaze with some dry white wine
  4. add arborio rice, and salt, stir
  5. add ladle-full of stock and stir
  6. repeat step 5 till rice is done
  7. stir in some parmesan and pepper if desired

Does that sound about right?  Feedback greatly appreciated.