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Professional bio:

Arif has worked in nonprofit organizations for more than twelve years. Most recently he held posts at Progressive Technology Project (PTP) as its Executive Director and, prior to that, as its Capacity Building Program Director. At PTP, he created and led the organizations’ signature training and technology programs. Though his work has been technology driven, it has focused on supporting non-profit organizations in realizing their aspirations, with technology as a tool in the service of social change. For the last six years, he has been on a path of personal transformation and spiritual practice. He is also a graduate of the Year-Long Fellowship program at Rockwood Leadership Institute.


Personal bio:

Arif is a father to Satya and Rasana, a husband to Channing, a brother to Saleem, a son to Meenal and Bashir, a brother in law to Whitney and a son in law to Devin and Ron. He’s also the proud parent of a sourdough starter, a kombucha mother, and chances are good that he’s also got some beer brewing at the moment. To stay out of trouble, Arif keeps himself occupied at the Seasons Fund for Social Transformation where he serves as Executive Director. Arif serves on the board of the Church of the Larger Fellowship.


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