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Pondering the Universe

“Pondering the Universe” courtesy of Natashalatrasha via Flickr.

So, I went shopping today. That may have been my first mistake, but nevertheless, I went, and at somewhat crowded big box store, I couldn’t help but notice something:

How unhappy everyone looked.

How out of place I must have looked, with a soft smile on my face, a spring to my step, a pace that felt totally out of pace with the folks around me.

Now, to be clear, I’m not always that way. I’ve been the frowny faced, quick stepping shopper, but today, I wasn’t, and in that out of phase place, I couldn’t help but wonder:

Are all these folks actually unhappy? Or have we perhaps allowed that frowny faced pace to infiltrate our public space, and can we perhaps reclaim that space for a few more smiles, a bit more connection, a bit more kindness, and dare I say it?


like I said, ponderings…..