MSI Wind, 10 months later

In Uncategorized on January 9, 2010 at 5:31 pm

I've had my MSI Wind U100 Netbook for just under a year, and have to say that after a year, it hasn't really held up all that well.

After about 6 months, the fan started making odd noises, and today, it has suddenly developed an issue with the wireless drivers – can't connect/spontaneously looses awareness that a wifi card is there – but only while running Windows 🙂

So – nice concept, still really like my netbook, and if this thing ever does die, I will likely replace it with another netbook, but I really wouldn't mind if the build quality on these was better and it was a bit easier to get technical support. 

The issue is less about netbooks though, and more about MSI as they don't really have much in way of support infrastructure that I've seen, whereas if this was a dell or lenovo netbook, I suspect my support experience would be rather different.