More sci-fi reading list

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27. home again, home again, by Cory Doctorow.  I like Cory's writing, and if you do too, you'll enjoy this one.  Same with the next
28. Return to Pleasure Island, also by Cory D. This one was a bit odd, but a fun read
29. Shadow of the mothaship, also by Cory D. This one was really odd, but I liked it
30, 31, and 32. A Place so Foreign, Super Man and the Bug out, and Anda's game.  All by CD.  Super Man and the Bug out was my favorite, but I did enjoy them all.  They're quick reads, and each has a good bit or two (or more) that make them stand out.
33. I, Robot, by Cory Doctorow is wonderful.  Just wonderful.  Definitely worth reading, maybe more than once even.
34. When Sysadmins ruled the earth, by Cory Doctorow – a great story.
35. Printcime, and 36. I, Row-Boat – also by Cory D.  Don't recall these that well, but I've never been a one to remember most short stories
37 and 38 After the Siege and Scroogled, also by Cory Doctorow – both great, I liked After the Siege a bit more, but Scroogled has it's own special dystopian flare that I totally enjoyed.
39. Mars Girl, by Jeff Garrity.  Wow, this was a fun one, and a sick one, and a fun one.  Read it.
40. Mind like a strange balloon.  Tom Maddox.  Don't really remember this one.
41. The robot and the one you love, also by Tom Maddox.  don't really remember this one either.
42. Gravity Angel. Tom Maddox. No memory of this one really.
43. Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask by Jim Munroe.  totally off the wall, crazy fun sci-fi storytelling.  Loved this one.  Really fun read, quick too.
44. Zero-Option, by Lindsay Brambles. This was a great one – highly recommended.
45. Choices, by Lindsay Brambles.  Also a great one.  Lindsay Brambles is a talented sci-fi author.

that's it for now, more later.