If you’re part of #28sits, you might like this Android app

In Uncategorized on December 26, 2010 at 1:47 pm
If you have a regular sitting (meditation) practice, then you’ve probably already found a great meditation timer.  If you haven’t though, I’ve been using an Android App called “Meditation Helper” that I really like.

It’s pretty much like every other timer out there – you can set a prep period, a sitting period, number of bells that chime at the start/end of the sitting time,etc.  What distinguishes Meditation Helper from the other apps that I’ve used are two things:

  1. It will remind you to sit.  Meditation Helper can be configured to remind you at a certain time of day if you haven’t used it to time a sit that day.  So, say 7pm rolls around and you’ve been busy – it will pop up a reminder, using text of your choice, to encourage you to go sit
  2. the sitting log – this is the geek in me, but I love the fact that it can log my sitting, and after a few days, have to see that I like seeing the unbroken string of sitting times when I look at the log.

It’s a free download from the Android Market, or you can grab it via this appbrain link