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now that I’m a student again, and a distance learning student at that, I’m finding that there is just too much clutter in my inbox, and frankly just too much clutter in my info-intake.

So, inspired by the Information Diet, I’m starting to cut back. First on email subscriptions, then on rss feeds, soon on online media in general.

To the progressive groups that I’m unsubscribing from – it isn’t personal.

If there’s something you think I should know about, do me a favor and tell me about it!

Small moments

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where I work

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I’ve mentioned my office setup – specifically this desk/laptop/phone setup to a few folks and heard enough “tell me more” interest to feel like it was time to put pen to paper… er. Fingers to keyboard?

Anyhow, here it is in all its glory.

Standing Desk

The laptop and screen aren’t really anything to write home about – 13 inch Macbook, 23 inch Asus external monitor currently elevated using phone books (finally found a good use for them!).

The desk is really where the action is. It’s an adjustable desk, meaning that I can crank it up and down from sitting to standing height and back down again. I bought it for the princely sum of $75 via craigslist and I have to say that I absolutely love it.

As you can see, I stand for pretty much all computer related work. I find that I’m a lot more productive, and my back feels a million times better. I find that standing, I move around more, shifting position, pacing in place a bit, and that my arms and shoulders are way more comfortable and relaxed than they ever were when I was at a sitting desk.

What it also means is that I have a sitting area at my other desk that’s dedicated to phone calls. Yes, that means that when I’m on the phone, I’m not in front of a screen. If you just gasped and wondered how I fiddle around on facebook or look at email or otherwise “multi-task” you just grasped the point – I don’t. I do a TON of work via phone. Focus and presence are critical. When I’m on the phone with you, I’m on the phone with you. With this set up, I have the focused computer time that support my thinking, doing, and physical comfort, and I have space that support full attention and focus when I’m on the phone.

Having lived with this set up for several months now, I have to say that it’s really just about perfect for me. Small additions in the not too distant future may include some sort of mat under the standing desk because I work w/out shoes and my feet get cold, and some sort of headset because it’s hard to take notes while you’re holding a telephone. Small things really. All in all, it’s a lovely set up that I’m always happy to see when I walk in the door.

thinking about writers

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Today, as we enter the last week of November, I’ve more than once caught my thoughts drifting to writers. You see, I know a great many people who noodle around the idea that they’d like to write a novel someday. A great many who sometimes say that they write.

Then, there are the several thousand truly crazy ones (crazy said with deep, deep love) who actually sign-up for National Novel Writing Month and spend their November really and truly writing a novel.

Wild, right?

I think about writing a novel in much the same way as I think about bowling a “perfect” game. Now, I should note that I haven’t done either, but having come much closer to bowling a perfect game than to writing a novel, which is to say, having bowled, at all, here’s my take on it:

Each of us has at least one novel in us, just as we each have a perfect bowling game in us. The catch? You need to actually be bowling at the time your perfect game appears in you.

So to the writers who’ve showed up every day for the past 26 days, and for whom Friday will be a day of great rejoicing, I hope that your novel showed up for you, showing up for it.

letting go of struggle

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I’ve been struggling with a great many things recently. Time, commitments, parenting, engagement with community, race and class dynamics, and my relationship to prayer and the divine.

And by struggling, I mean that I was very much in that space of “needing to figure it out-ness” striving for answers, for definition, and for hard-edged truth.

Somewhere over the last week or so, that flipped and I was able to let go. I’m pretty sure that being at the Resource Generation conference helped with that. For me, it was a space and time for practice with dear friends (kundalini yoga, meditation, metta, and somatic centering). It was also a space that invited us to bring, share, and face into the messiness of our lives and our own relationship to money, to race, to privilege. . . and I’m pretty sure that in response to that invitation, I brought it, all.

So between the election, the Resource Generation conference, the death of a friend, my Wellspring group meeting, and a first meeting with a spiritual counselor/director, something in me let go. I moved back into that place of “living the questions” (thank you Rilke) and surrender to life as it is, instead of life as I might want it to be.

It’s a far more spacious place, and what’s remarkable, though perhaps not at all surprising is that as I’ve embraced this opening to what is, a great many of the things that I was trying to figure out have become clearer and more resolved.

I’m looking forward to many many more opportunities to learn and re-learn this lesson!

is it just me?

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yodaOne of the many things that my meditation practice has brought me is far greater awareness of my own tendency toward judgement. Interestingly, over the last few weeks, when I notice my “judging mind,” I notice it, and “hear” in my head Yoda’s voice saying something like “mmmm. In this one, the judgement is strong. Yes.” Only it’s clear that the Yoda in my head is not at all pleased about that.

That happens to you too, right?


we went for a walk

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We went for a walk last night.

kids running

Well. I walked. They ran.

We visited a “little free library” on the way and I got a book.

A poetry collection that I read to the girls as we walked.

As we passed a temple, there were some lovely chalk writings on the sidewalk:

sidewalk writing

We saw this first and it made us smile. Then we saw these three:

sidewalk writing

sidewalk writing

sidewalk writing

Which made us very happy, and which I am now passing on:

You are important. You are loved.

Pass it on.

Kid’s got style

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Such fun having a little one with a wicked sense of humor and killer fashion sense

these beets!

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beets in a roasting pan

love this time of year

Love this time of year

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