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so you want to be happy?

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2013 at 2:12 pm

It turns out that the old “money can’t buy happiness” saying turns out to be true. Scientifically proven even. Here’s the article, and spoiler alert, here are the big punchlines:

  • stop trying to earn more when your income hits roughly $75,000 (over that amount and there’s no statistical increase in happiness)
  • regularly abstain from things you enjoy (it tends to make you enjoy them more)
  • and give away or share more of what you earn/have

sounds pretty straightforward to me, and although that $75K number is (structurally) out of reach for a large swath of our economy, I’m heartened to know that there is a point of declining returns on the income to happiness ratio, and that the “magic number” isn’t in the stratosphere.

It is also gratifying to know that taking a break from things like ice cream and chocolate can make us enjoy them more, and perhaps the icing on the cake here is that while we like giving to ourselves (i.e. buying things), what really lights up the happiness meter is sharing and/or giving to others.

h/t to Gideon for sharing the link.

what does your “best today” want to be fed?

In Uncategorized on April 4, 2013 at 2:11 pm

My friend Ashindi shared this bit of writing with me:

“Do not feed today the leftovers of yesterday. Today has teeth and is hungry. Feed today what you want it to be and let it become that.”

It’s from one of her favorite poets, Shane Koyczan (@koyczan on the twitters), and I have to say that it really resonated and got lodged in my head like an earwig, but with words. Is there a term for that?

Anyhow, this mind-wig if you will, keeps coming back to me because it invites us to actively make today the best today that we can make it, and that in the process of doing so, we get to learn what makes for a great today and perhaps even get a bit better at intentionally bringing to the world what we want it to be.

And so it’s prompted me to ask myself, and now to ask you:

What does your “best today” want to be fed? What is your today hungry for, generally, or perhaps in this very moment?

For me, it’s some or all of the following: exercise, snuggles, being present for and seeing the beautiful precious soul that each member of my family is. It’s having some time for spiritual practice, listening to great and inspiring music. It’s time spent with interesting people who’re deeply passionate and curious about their work. It’s time spent writing, digging deeper into the heart of something. It’s good food shared with loved ones, and it’s time spent in being present.

That’s what my today is hungry for. What about yours?